9 Great Haircuts If You’re Over 50 And Wear Glasses


It’s not always easy to marry your haircut to your glasses, but when you do find the right cut, it’s the perfect way to enhance them. Celebrity stylist Larry King recommends taking your specs to your hair appointment: “That way, your stylist can adapt and personalize your cut to your face when you’re wearing glasses, and when you aren’t. In long hair, for example, it might be a case of adding some face-framing layers, so that when you pull your hair up, there are softer pieces that fall down,” he recommends.

It’s especially important to have your glasses with you when it comes to having a fringe cut in. “A crucial thing to note is whether you’re going to wear your bangs in a sweeping side part, or in the middle,” he adds. “You have to be quite specific–sweeping lengths will need to sit correctly over the arms of your glasses, otherwise the fringe can sit strangely. Glasses are an extension of your face shape and features, so always bring them along.”

Another thing to think about is how your hair color juxtaposes with the frame of your glasses. “As a general rule, blondes should look to softer brown frames, while those with darker hair can wear darker frames,” he says.

Seeking inspiration? Here, nine celebrities aged 50 plus, whose haircuts are the perfect partner to their frames.

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