Campillo Mexico Fall 2024 Collection


For his fall 2022 collection, Patricio Campillo was inspired by the Mayan legend of the Nahuales, who are men who transform into animals. At the time, the reference went hand-in-hand with the changes his own brand was going through. Two years later, he’s gone back to that same concept, this time looking at it through Kafka’s The Metamorphosis.

“Fall is an exploration of transformation and identity; delving into the philosophical and almost romantic notion that we, like the snake that sheds its skin, are always in a state of change,” the designer explained. This season, he also looked for inspiration in Charrería, the centuries-old Mexican equestrian tradition with its own codes and techniques mastered by skilled artisans with whom Campillo works. This was most evident in the color palette of copper, black, grey, and brown; as well as his use of tailoring and embellishment, presenting a silk coat that took 250 hours to make.

Campillo presented this collection in Paris as part of this year’s LVMH Prize, where he was named a semi-finalist, the first Mexican designer to be awarded the distinction. Although it’s the impulse of change and transformation that inspires him, he has also taken care to establish brand signatures of his own that are appreciated by fashion enthusiasts. Seeing his evolution throughout his last three collections, it’s evident that he has taken Mexican aesthetics to another level of sophistication that allow him to flirt with new versions of himself each season. We only hope that he does not become comfortable in this zone and continues to push himself to change, not only with his references, but with his clothes as well.

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