Hailey Bieber Returns to Short Hair for Coachella


There’s been a lot of chatter about Coachella this year. Weekend one’s beauty looks did not disappoint—there was singer Chappell Roan’s drag-inspired beauty on stage, Cowboy Carter-inspired looks in the street style arena, and—naturally—beauty tastemaker and entrepreneur Hailey Bieber used it as a moment to debut a new haircut.

Bieber is a bit of a beauty chameleon, especially when it comes to her hair. Just over two months ago she stepped out with a deeper, darker shade of brunette than we had ever seen her with before (dubbed “chocolate syrup hair” by yours truly), which set off a flurry of salon appointments of deeper dyes for spring. But the bob is the definitive haircut of the moment, so it only makes sense that one of the girls of the moment would circle back to chin-length hair.

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This cut, which appears to be all one length (instead of more piecey and layered like the cut she had in 2023) already has a name if you’re looking to follow suite: the baroque bob.

When it comes to short hair, Bieber is in fantastically glamorous company. More than a dozen stars have recently shorn their locks for a shorter ‘do—look to Ayo, Gigi Hadid, and Jennifer Lopez—proving that there is indeed a bob for everybody.

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