Ripple’s Blockchain and Cryptocurrency XRP promises to provide 
smooth and seamless payment settlement, asset exchange and 
remittance systems for cross border transactions. This works to allow
 users to be able to complete fast, direct and secure transactions on
 the web.To express the primary purpose of the technology simply, it
 was primarily created for banks and payment settlement, a money
 transfer system and currency exchange. 


In December 2020, regulatory uncertainties surfaced regarding 
Ripple. A complaint was filed by the United States Securities and
 Exchange Commission (SEC), due to Ripple’s action or at least they
 are attempting to define Ripple’s move of selling XRP to investors in
 the U.S. and the global public falls under the category of being an
 unregistered securities sale that garnered over $1.3 Billion.The
 issue puts the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market
 under a spotlight. This industry is fairly new and the innovative
 technology and usage of it is still being understood by the masses.
 Due to this there are no regulatory laws in place to Govern it. The
 outcome of this case will determine and mold the future of 
cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry as well as make more
 people who were skeptical comfortable with making purchases 
within this market. As of October 2021 the case is still being

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XRP is very popular among the current  cryptocurrency market.
 Holders of the digital currency proclaim that Ripple has made many
 pivotal partnerships with major banks, and big corporations that are
 anchored in the money transfer business, therefore solidifying it as a
 mainstay in the industry. Many predict and proclaim that the
 cryptocurrency price will only skyrocket because of this and once the
 SEC case is decided (if it is in Ripple’s favor) the Token will shoot to
 the moon. Personally I do not hold any XRP and time will tell if the
 XRP communities boast about Ripple’s business dealings will truly
 create an unbreakable and unbeatable position at the top for the
 XRP token. I do believe ( in my opinion, this is not financial advice)
 that XRP will play a pivotal part if not a dominant part of the 
unification of world currency based upon information I have observed
 thus far.