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Bitcoin investment in EL SALVADOR

As of September 14th, Bitcoins investors have been legally given the status of being Tax exempt in EL Salvador is endeavoring to solicit foreign investors by offering major tax 
breaks on Bitcoin trading. EL Salvodor has been announcing that it wants to make Bitcoin legal tender. They have been implementing a program to give Bitcoin to all their
 citizens and as of present going forward they will exempt investors from paying a capital gains tax and income tax on their Bitcoin. A legal advisor to the President of El 
Salvodor stated “If a person has assets in Bitcoin and makes high profits there will be no tax. This is done obviously to encourage foreign investment. And EL Salvador will 
impose no taxes on either the capital increase or their income.” This is a lucrative opportunity for those who have the resources to pick up and leave and I’m curious to know 
how many people from the U.S will take advantage of this  tax exemption by relocating to EL Salvador. 


Recently Charlie Lee from Litecoin spoke about the tweet screw up which entailed an announcement that Walmart would be accepting Litecoin as a currency. This caused a rise
 in Litecoin’s value to increase as hopeful investors looked to make a profit off of the partnership. Once the news came out that this partnership was not true, Charlie Lee denied
 any knowledge of the origin of the announcement and stated he did not hold any responsibility for its release. This fake announcement ended up on major media channels such
 as Reuters , CNBC, ETC. Shortly after Litecoin deleted the tweet and a big dump of Litecoin followed immediately causing the value of the cryptocurrency to drop. Charlie Lee
 claims he woke up and knew nothing and he saw the report about a Walmart partnership and said “wow, that’s awesome!” Leading many to question his involvement with the 
false announcement on twitter. Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin and it is somewhat unlikely that he would be unaware of any major partnerships taking place. 

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Cloud partners with Dapper Labs to improve scalability of the flow Blockchain. Google has involved themselves with crypto in the past , so this is not surprising. Google
 cloud, a department of the world’s largest search engine, is uniting with Dapper Labs , a blockchain based company that developed the NBA Topshop MarketPlace , a project
 that has seen much success. Google cloud will give Dapper Labs the support to help grow Dapper Labs Flow Blockchain. Google Cloud will use it’s cloud service as a network
 operator in order to help grow Dapper Lab Flow Blockchain. Flow currently supports other popular applications. One such application is Cryptokitties. It has more than 2,000
 developers on this project and Google cloud services will allow them to connect to Flow access Nodes at lower latency. Jen Kennedy the Vice President of Google cloud stated
 “Blockchain technology is becoming more and more mainstream, so companies like Dapper need scalable secure infrastructure to grow their business and even more
 importantly support their network.” Dapper titles itself as the NFT company. This news has caused it’s coin Topshot flow to rise in value