Walmart recently came out with a job announcement for a
cryptocurrency expert who will help them implement cryptocurrency into their
business model. Walmart is considering creating an alternative payment
method for transactions to be completed by utilizing cryptocurrencies. In the
past Walmart has partnered with IBM to utilize Blockchain technology to track
it’s food supply chain and services world wide. This is great news for the
crypto industry, because a deal of this magnitude will help make the use of
cryptocurrencies more mainstream and whatever coin gets the backing of
Walmart , it will skyrocket in value at least 25 times its current value. 
U.S. Bancorp launches cryptocurrency custody service for investment
managers. This is for investment managers who have private funds in the
United States and Cayman Islands. This is Big news due to the fact that this
is the fifth largest bank. Gunjan Kedia, Vice Chair of the bank’s wealth
management and investment services said “Investor interest in
cryptocurrency and from our fund services clients have grown strongly over
the last few years.” So here we have the fifth largest U.S. Bank seeing that
demand for crypto is growing and now they are going to  launch their
cryptocurrency custody services . Now of course you should know if you don’t
possess the key to the crypto you are holding you don’t own it. Make sure you
own what you hold , do not let these banks hold your literal assets. I don’t
believe that would be very smart. Overall , this is another sign that the
banking industry is conforming to assimilate cryptocurrency into their
business models. 
                   Theta networks new API(Application Programing Interface)  
service brings web3 video to any app. This new product for developers allows
them to add  decentralized video to any website or application without any
central servers, content delivery or video hosting software. This move will
make it simple for anyone to use API and will start a revolutionary way to
stream video content. Users will be able to upload a video and Theta will
return a playable link, that they can add Theta power player  which will feature
their video clip. I believe this will make it much easier for content providers or
website developers to add video hosting software to any platform. 
cryptocurrency 20.jpg
Moneygram announces an innovative partnership with the Stellar
development foundation to utilize Blockchain technology. This partnership
allows digital wallets connected to the Stellar network to use the global retail
platform of Moneygram, creating a bridge for digital assets and local
currencies for consumers. This is a powerful move for settlement flows ,
making them near instant in USDC( U.S. Dollar Coin which is an Ethereum-
based stablecoin). The magnitude of this partnership is expected to grow as
more wallets and corporations join the Stellar network. The Crypto community
is in an uproar over this partnership, voicing their frustration with Moneygram
not choosing to work with Ripple. Either way , this is a big move for crypto
and for Stellar in general and I look forward to seeing how this will impact the
overall usage of the coin and it’s value in the month’s and years to come. 
Staying on the topic of XLM, rapper, singer Akon a couple of weeks ago
stated that he sold all his Bitcoin for Stellar’s Lumens XLM coin. Akon making
this statement speaks volumes in my opinion considering that he is
spearheading a $6 billion project in Senegal which entails the development of
a smart city which will utilize Akoin , a cryptocurrency created and backed by
the Stellar network. Akon stated that investing in XLM “is life advice”. He
stated that he foresees what Stellar’s XLM will become from experiencing
what it has done first hand on the continent of Africa. This Statement came
about after a popular youtuber by the name of Bitboy asked Akon how much
Bitcoin does he hold. After hearing Akon’s answer Bitboy was shocked and
responded that he actually trashed the coin on a prior broadcast on his
channel. Akon responded by saying not to get caught up in the hype ( Bitboy
advocates that all developers will eventually leave XLM for Ripple’s XRP) and
keep your eye on Stellar. 
               This is all I have for today , hope to see you back here next time for
our topics on crypto and other things of interest we cover on this site.