Coins vs. Tokens

I want start this discussion off with identifying the difference between Coins and tokens. When it comes to coins they are fungible and are generally, a representation of value that is excepted between all party’s in a blockchain ecosystem used for transactions.  Tokens on the other hand are a representation of something. You can have tokenized stocks, tokenized bonds, tokenized real estate tokenized passports, etc. An example would be to use tokens to represent a product on a website and upon exchange of payment , the token would be given to the consumer as proof of ownership.


Tik Tok announces NFT collection and is rolling out NFTs led by it’s top creators. This is another major win for crypto as more and more major companies adopt the technology of the blockchain directly or indirectly. Tik Tok is estimated to have 1 billion  monthly active users placing NFTs in front of many potential new users of the technology.


           The partnership goal is being formed to develop NFT games. The partnership looks to make games created on the Forte platform easily accessible to the Cosmos (Atom) blockchain, the platform for Forte is a blockchain game that has over 8 million monthly active users, has minted 5 million NFTs and generated over 10 million wallets.


Facebook has announced that it will be rebranding itself by changing it’s name to closely match it’s goal to create a metaverse. Mark Zuckerberg is expected to speak o the rebrand at Facebook’s upcoming connect conference. The company as of now is keeping the new name secret. It has been announced that they plan on hiring 10,000 European employee’s to create and build Facebooks metaverse.


  Bitcoin is still pumping maintaining it’s run above $60,000 and currently is at $62,429.72.


     In an blatant attack against the middle class and to freeze upward advancement through the finacial class system, Janet Yellen, the secretary of treasury of the united states seeks to tax unrealized capitol gains. This plan is being worked on with Nancy Pelosi and Senator Ron Whiting. If this is passed it would mean that you would be forced to have to sell your assets to pay a tax. If this goes through it will be the beginning of the end for the free market and start process of throwing U.S citizens into the hand basket of Communism.

                   That’s all I have to share this time around. There are many things going on in the world of Blockchain that I have not directly touched on . A lot of it is market news dealing with the price of coins which I don’t like to dive into to much. NFTs seem to be getting more popular week by week and the new breakout of NFT games is sending investors scrambling to jump on the next big thing . The NFT Loot drops are drawing more people interest to NFTs outside of art work and more into the capability and utility of the technology. Which ultimately is more momentum into the blockchain movement as a whole.