Lounge Underwear’s barely there collection review


We’ve all been there: you get home from a long day, drop your bag on the floor and with a huge sigh of relief, unhook your bra and fling it across the room as fast as you can. Underwired bras have a time-honoured reputation as being restrictive and uncomfortable, so it’s no surprise that more and more women are opting to ditch them altogether. As delightful as that sounds, not all of us feel comfortable enough to go completely bra-free – which is where Lounge’s new collection comes in.

Answering my prayers, the brand’s barely there collection has been designed with comfort and freedom in mind, and goes hand in hand with Lounge’s mission of supporting and encouraging women to feel sexy and comfortable, no matter what. The range was inspired by Gen Z’s pioneering of the braless trend and the free-the-nipple movement while recognising the support and security of traditional bras.

The first teaser of the launch didn’t even show what the designs looked like but saw the range sell out in 24 hours – and the reviews were impressive. Naturally, I needed to see for myself whether the bra really felt like I was going braless. Read on for my thoughts.

How I tested Lounge Underwear’s barely there collection

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new barely there collection, and tested both hero products: the plunge bra and the bralette, complimented by the thong, too. Each day, I put my new bras through the paces of an average week: long days in the office, walks to the gym, partying with friends – all to see if I could get through the day without longing for the relief of taking it off the moment I got home. During testing, I wanted to make sure that the quality lived up to my expectations for a £35 or £40 bra – I assessed the design, for example, could the fabric be washed repeatedly and look and feel the same as the first wear? Above all, the bras had to be comfortable and supportive and give me the confidence boost I crave from a new set of undies.

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